H. Staden
1660 - Staden, Hans: Beschrijvinghe van America, wiens Inwoonders, Wildt, Naeckt, seer Godloos, ende wreede Menschen-Eters zijn, hoe hy selve onder de Brasilianen lange gevangen geseten heeft. 2 volumes in one binding. Amsterdam, Bouman, 1660. Small 4to (18x14,5 cm).(4), 72 pp with 29 woodcut illustrations in the text, and 2 large woodcut illustrations on title pages. Old softcover paper boards. An early Dutch illustrated edition of the famous account of Staden‘s voyage to Brazil. Staden survived a shipwreck and reached the Brazilian coast in 1552. There he was captured by local Tupinamba people and kept imprisoned for nine months. The book is divided into two sections: the first describing Staden‘s voyages and adventures and his nine month‘s captivity in Brazil. The second volume is an account of the manners and customs of the Tupi Indians. "The book enjoyed considerable success in Holland where it became popular and appeared in numerous editions" (Borba de Moraes II, p.833). That popularity was in part due to Staden‘s claim that the Tupinamba were cannibals. Though Staden‘s account was printed in Dutch several times, all these editions are very rare today and sought for the charming illustrations. Interestingly, the woodcuts in the Dutch editions are not the same as in the earlier German editions, though these obviously were a source of inspiration. Very good copy, Borba de Moraes. 836, Sabin 90049.

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