Avaliação de Obra de Arte

Art Appraisal

The James Lisboa Official Auctioneer of the state of Sao Paulo and judicial expert makes evaluations of art more than 38 years, specialist in modern and contemporary brazilian art, for insurance, sharing or spoils.

If the objective is the sale of an art, the first step is the appraisal. We always suggest auctioning since it is a transparent way for those who buy and who sells in a public and official way. See when our next auction will be.

For the free appraisal of your brazilian art, you must send us a photo and the description of the art to lisboa@leilaodearte.com

The appraisal of art is a process that involves many variables and can not be described with pre-established formulas. Each art is unique, so we analyze some characteristics that can appreciate or depreciate its real value. See the main:

In order to determine the real value of an art, it is necessary to analyze from a professional with technical knowledge and experience. Learn more about our appraisal, check out our step-by-step guide on how to sell a work of art at auction.

Why sell at Art Auction?


Leilaodearte.com is at the disposal of its clients and partners: we will be delighted to assist you in a personalized manner, at your residence or office, for any of our services. Furthermore, we offer to welcome you for a visit to our office and collection. If you have taken a liking to a specific artwork on the website and would like to see it in person, please schedule a visit through the email lisboa@leilaodearte.com or by phone at (11) 3061-3155.

Investment in Art

Today, art serves not only for decoration or status, most collectors consider not only the aesthetics and artistic representation but also as a form of investment. That's right: artwork is also a diversification of your investments and your portfolio. As an example, we can mention the fact that most artworks are quoted in dollars, making them a significant investment in times of fluctuating exchange rates, an excellent option for wealth preservation, and, above all, the greatest of all advantages: it remains in your possession and provides you with pleasure.

Nevertheless, when deciding to purchase a work of art, one should not solely focus on the return on investment but also consider the value the artwork will add to the collection, which will offer returns in the future. To achieve this, it is crucial to adhere to certain rules, with the primary one being the selection of the artist. Since this market has limited liquidity, determining the timing of the sale is also another critical factor.

A layperson's perspective may suggest that the death of an artist will increase the value of their work, which is not an absolute truth. An artist in active practice can contribute significantly more to the appreciation of their work than the potential increase it may experience after their death.

At leilaodearte.com, you can invest in artworks with peace of mind, as our team will assist you in case of any doubts or if you wish to learn more about the art market.