Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy at the art auction

Who is auctioneer James Lisboa?

James Lisboa is an Official Auctioneer and Judicial Expert in the State of São Paulo. He has conducted prominent auctions throughout his career, registered with JUCESP since 1986, presenting rare and significant works by acclaimed artists such as Candido Portinari, Tomie Ohtake, Manabu Mabe, Burle Marx, Di Cavalcanti, Alfredo Volpi, and others. James Lisboa has specialized in art auctions, leveraging both his experience in the art trade and his family's second-generation involvement in the art field. His gallery is located in São Paulo, in the Jardins neighborhood, close to museums and important cultural landmarks. It serves as a hub for art enthusiasts and collectors to explore and acquire exceptional artworks.

How can I find out about upcoming auctions?

You can find out more about upcoming auctions by browsing our website and also registering on the website to receive information by email. We send news about upcoming auctions, exhibitions and much more via email.

Who can participate and buy at an art auction?

The art auction is open to the public. Those interested in participating must register on the website or appear in person at the auction location on the specified day and time, if there is an in-person auction. In addition, it is possible to place bids through other means available in each auction, such as advance bids and telephone bids. Regarding the purchase at an auction, we guarantee the confidentiality of the bidder, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), law nº 13,709/2018.

What are the different types of bids I can make?

You can participate with different types of bids, the most used are online bidding, telephone bidding, advance bidding and automatic bidding. In advance or automatic bidding, the maximum bid amount is defined in advance by the bidder. With online and telephone bidding, you can monitor and compete in real time with other bidders during the auction.

How can I get more information about a work of art before placing a bid?

The auctioneer holds in-person exhibitions at the gallery, allowing you to examine each work in detail before the auction. Our team is available to assist you in person at the gallery, as well as by email, telephone, WhatsApp and on our social networks.

What happens if my bid is included in an auction?

When you are awarded a bid in an auction, you will receive detailed information about your purchases and payment instructions by email. After sending proof of payment, we will proceed with releasing the purchased works, making them available for collection or shipping.

Does the auctioneer ship the works or do I need to pick them up?

In addition to the option to pick up their purchases in person, buyers also have the ability to request shipping quotes from carriers recommended by the auctioneer's team or of their own choosing. The auctioneer offers reinforced packaging for transportation, and all costs are included in the requested quote.

What are the fees associated with participating in an auction?

When purchasing at an art auction, in addition to the auction price, the buyer is responsible for paying the auctioneer's commission in the amount of 5% of the auction value.

How do I pay for my auction purchases?

Payment is made entirely in cash, by bank deposit or transfer.

I want to sell at art auction

How do I sell works at the art auction?

To sell at the art auction, send your work to the auctioneer's email, along with clear images and detailed information including the artist's name, measurements (unframed and unbase), and date of the work, if any. After the initial evaluation, if the work is accepted, it will be agreed to send it to the gallery on a date defined by the auctioneer.

Which works and which artists can I send to be evaluated at the art auction?

We work with a variety of renowned Brazilian and international artists, carefully selected. All works undergo a careful evaluation to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the auctions carried out by James Lisboa.

I'm an artist, can I sell my works at the art auction?

We capture for auction works by renowned artists, from the secondary market, for artists who are projecting themselves, we suggest finding a gallery that can represent you.

How are initial prices for works of art set?

The evaluation of works of art is a complex process that involves several variables and cannot be summarized in formulas or standards. Each work of art is unique, and we consider different characteristics that can value or depreciate it. We carry out accurate assessments taking into account information such as the artist's name, technique used, measurements, date and signature. However, there are other factors that can also influence the value of a work of art, such as the artist's phase, theme, state of conservation, history, origin of purchase, participation in exhibitions, economic scenario and exchange rate.

About the Online Auction

What is the difference between an in-person auction and an Online Auction?

The difference between an in-person auction and an online auction lies mainly in the form of participation and location. At an in-person auction, buyers must be physically present in a specific location by raising their hand or using bidding signs. In the online auction, buyers can participate remotely via the internet, placing bids electronically on a dedicated online platform. Furthermore, in an in-person auction, buyers have direct access to the items, while in an online auction, information is provided in digital format, such as photos and descriptions.

How can I register and buy at the Online Auction?

To participate in the online auction, click here and access the registration form. After filling it out, check your email and click on the confirmation link. The auctioneer's team will validate the information provided. After verification is complete, you will receive an email informing you that your registration is active to place online bids.

Can I bid in advance at an online art auction?

Yes, there are different ways to bid in advance. The most popular option is through the online auction, where you can bid manually or set up automatic bids with a set maximum amount. Another alternative is to fill out the pre-bid form available on the website. If you choose the telephone contact option, the auctioneer's team will contact you during the auction on the day and time of the selected lot, or will place bids on your behalf following the established values.

How can I track the progress of an online auction?

You can follow the auction in real time and place bids before and during the event via our website or apps for iOS and Android.