Manuscrito com Ricas iluminuras - Spanish Document Manuscript - Valladolid - 1793
Spanish document manuscript, concerning Valladolid - 1793-44 leaves (88 pages) Fólio-With 1 full-page painting (Carlos IV) and 12 small ornaments or initials, some with figures, animals, a portrait etc. At the beginning and end with manuscript-additions, stamps and signatures. Extensive and beautifully in Spanish language, handwriting on paper 44 sheets (= 88 sides) + 12 dividers (6 in pink, 6 in blue) With a full-page painting: Haven-guessed/advised of Carlo‘s IV ,12 initials, partly with small, portraits and painting Calligraphic handwriting, at the beginning and end in each case with confirmations and stamps. The city obviously concerns concerning Valladolid regulations. Very rare hand color manuscript. Spanish document in calligraphic manuscript on paper concerning Valladolid Ville. (peça única)