NEDERLANDTSCHE OORLOOGH, 1664-1667. Amsterdam, 1667 (Na account of the War between the King of England etc. and Their Majesties the States General of the free United Netherlands, in which the Bishop of Munster fell, beginning in the year 1664 and ending with the signing of the Treaty of Breda in 1667). A full and chronological account, in the original Dutch, of the second Dutch War, of which the most importante action, as far as America is conserned, was the seizure of New Amsterdam by the British. The city was taken by the Duke of York prior to the formal declaration of the war, and was confirmed as British possession, along with the entire colony of New Netherlands, in the Treaty of Breda, by which Holland was also confirmed in her East Indian expansion at Britain‘s expense. A complete texto f treaty is appended. Illustrated with many fine copperplates, among them a large folding plate, at page 249, showing the signing of the Treaty of Breda by which New Netherlands become New York. Amfterdam, voor Marcus Willemfz. Doornick, op den Vygendam, in‘t Kantoor Incktvat. Anno 1667. Com Mapa e Ilustrações. 255 páginas. Encadernação luxuosa moderna em couro.